One-Per-Week, started by Lori Christensen, is a way to encourage people to express their thoughts, emotions, and stories with paper and pen. The challenge is to cut back on expressing gratitude in verbal shorthand via text message. Why? Because reading a letter from a hand-addressed envelope instead of a text message means more, says more, and matters more.

Our mission is to make letter writing fun, easy, and something you look forward to doing each week. We partner with talented artists and greeting card companies to provide you with creative themes, high-quality cards, pens that often times get permanently ‘borrowed’ from your desk, and frequent goodies (think Cracker Jack box, but better). You’ll have birthday card thank-you cards, and blank cards at the ready for the entire family to send out.

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Need more reasons to sign up?

With a increase in accessibility to technology and apps, there’s a misconception that we don’t need paper and penmanship anymore. We can automate payments, send flowers with a few clicks, and sign a document on our iPhones. It's assumed, “THX for the gift” is an acceptable way to show gratitude. We disagree.

As for kids…I feel compelled to introduce them to the enjoyment paper and pen can bring.  One-Per-Whenever Kids is designed exclusively with kids in mind. Each box includes 5 fun greeting cards and Forever postage stamps.  All I ask is for you to help them find addresses of family and friends.  The rest should be fun…and eventually easy. Pretty soon, they’ll be asking for more cards to write.

Take ten minutes of your day (4-5 times a month) to leave a positive, uplifting, lasting impression on someone else. These are the kinds of #feels you want to be responsible for. Whether it’s a thank you for a gift, a special birthday wish, or just a quick note to share a funny story, sentiments on paper let someone else know they really matter to you. On the receiving end, we all know that tingly feeling (from summer camp) when opening the mailbox to find something other than an advertisement or bill to pay.

So what do you say?  Can you write one letter per week…or whenever your kids are done with homework? Remember, what does around comes around in the mailbox.